Did they wore that? The best, crazy and unforgettable cosplay at Comic-con 2017

The Comic-con 2017 is in full swing as the biggest names from TV, movies and comic books descend to San Diego. We love Comic-con because of the events, celebrities, new trailers but most of all the cosplay. Defined as the art of costume role-playing, a great cosplay involves creativity, accuracy and staying in character.

While the festival is underway, we decided to pull up some of the crazy, eccentric and most recognizable cosplay at it. Humans are wild creatures.

10 . Daenerys Targaryen

Comic Con - daenerys targaryen

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“Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals…..”. Screw it, just enjoy the cosplay.

9. The Mummy/Supernatural

Comic Con - Mummy

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She means business; this is some scary cosplay. The best part which we like are the slippers.

8. Jack Sparrow/Bearded Lady Freak Show

Comic Con - Jack Sparrow

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We don’t want to point it out but look at those chest hair.

7. Gambit/Rogue


Comic Con - Gambit

The only character whose movie is delayed so much. An amazing cosplay by both. Shout out to Gambit’s hair.

6. The “Moana” Family

Comic con - Moana

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Those are some fantastic looking costumes. The “Maui” hook on the right is some neat work done.

5. The Batman Girls

Comic Con - Batman girls

Image Source 

Batman world is always one the favorites of the fan to copy, and these girls have done an excellent job dressing up. #WeLoveHarleyQuinn

4. Yondu

Comic Con - Yondu

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Let’s just say “He might be your father, but he ain’t your daddy…”. We love the “Baby Groot” on the shoulder.

3. Alastor Moody

Comic Con - Alastor Moody

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“Mad Eye” Moody, he is coming to get all the Harry Potters at Comic-con.

2. Rob Stark from Red Wedding

Comic con - Rob Stark

Image Source

This is amazing, but the only sad part is the wolf. Why the wolf? Don’t kill the wolf.

1. Odin Trailer Park

Comic con - Odin

Odin from Asgard trailer park. He definitely looks like an All-Father.

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