Things to know about iPhone X

Apple event this year brought us many new devices but one of them stood out and that was iPhone X. Check out the things you should know about the new phone.

Apple event this year brought us many new devices but one of them stood out, and that was iPhone X. Tim Cook was very adamant about this meticulously crafted machine representing the future of the smartphones, and he was probably right. After all, Apple’s sheer popularity means that whatever it sticks into its devices is what the rest of the industry has to respond to. Tim Cook put the iPhone X feature for edge-to-edge display as “the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone”. Let’s check out the important aspects of this new generation phone.

Things to know about iPhone X
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1. The iPhone X will open at a  price of $999 for customers based in US. The new phone will be available starting from November 3 in more than 50 countries. People in India will be able to buy the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, at an approximate price of Rs. 64,000. (Big holes in pockets)

2. With the new phones, Apple is seeking to recapture the magic of the first iPhone released in 2007. Apple has struggled to keep a hold on the market and investors viewed the 10th-anniversary iPhone launch as an opportunity for the company to refresh the market with innovative phone and new features.

3. Apple developed what it called an A11 Bionic chip for iPhone X which is way ahead of the competition and raises the bar as far as performance is concerned. The phone also comes with FaceID recognition to unlock, authenticate and make mobile payments.

4. The iPhone X comes with edge-to-edge 5.8-inch (14.7-centimeter) “super retina” OLED display. This is the first time any Apple device came with the edge-to-edge screen.

Things to know about iPhone X
Image Source: Apple

5. The iPhone X is kind of experimenting with the users’ tastes as there is no ‘home’ button. The iPhone X also has wireless charging, an infrared camera and hardware for facial recognition, which is a big jump compared to the fingerprint sensor for unlocking the phone in previous versions.

6. The screen on the iPhone X is about the size of the current iPhone 7 plus, though the phone is smaller. It features richer colours thanks to a new screen technology called OLED that other vendors are also rolling out. Apple didn’t have a profitable year before this as Apple’s revenue declined when many consumers rejected the iPhone 7 as being too similar to the iPhone 6.

7. The iPhone X was one of three new iPhone models – along with iPhone 8 ($699) and iPhone 8 Plus ($799) – unveiled at the Apple event.

Will this experimenting phone survive? It’s a huge leap for Apple, but we have to see by the end of the year, how it fairs in the market?

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