Taking “Bolna Aunty Aau Kya” to a different level

Taking "Bolna Aunty Aau Kya" to a different level: A new viral song has taken over the cities, and now we can see Indian youth singing it in the streets.

There are things which you get to see once in your lifetime and Delhi being the capital of India get to experience a lot of these moments. It all started with a certain rap king new song “Aunty ki Gunty” (We have no idea what people smoke to write such amazing lyrics and to be honest it started with Dhinchak Pooja). But before we move forward, do check out the video below if you have not heard the song.

You might have noticed that the song keeps on playing on with a constant “Bolna Aunty Aau Kya” verse, to take you on a ride a page called Shit Indians Say started an event on Facebook ominously titled – Shouting “Bolna Aunty Aau Kya” in CP.

Check out the event created:

Taking "Bolna Aunty Aau Kya" to a different level
Source: Facebook

It was all in good interest, but no one imagined the turn up of so many adulated fans for Omprakash and thus came to be the event where the youth of India was seen shouting Aunty ki Gunty in the streets of Delhi. This does not end here as more events are being created for many cities in India to shout the lyrics of this song. All these events are getting about 10,000 people who are willing to attend.

At this point, we have to add that although the song sounds like a viral phenomenon, the lyrics are not to be proud off and not be shouted in public. On the other side, such songs and events keep us entertained through out the year.

Now you would wonder what’s in the future for Indian music industry? You might have seen Eminem and Rihanna in a duet, but India can do one up with a duet between Dhinchak Pooja and Omprakash.

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