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Looks like a beauty, wheels like a Beast !

Being an auto enthusiast since a young age, cars have had a significant impact on my life. The thought of driving a car at my desired speed instils a sense of liberation in me. In 2018, Jeep launched the Limited Plus Variant of Compass - a car that ticked all the checkboxes of the features I wanted in my dream car. Handsome looks, muscular built, grandeur with a perfect shape - this beast had it all. It gives you a look and feel of a mini Grand Cherokee. The interiors are luxurious and all the features and equipment blend perfectly in the setting. In the United States, Jeep symbolizes what one would expect from a utilitarian vehicle, providing the power and dependability necessary to manage tough terrains and hefty loads. However, in a few Asian countries, Jeep is widely seen as a status symbol and a brand that boasts luxury. In these countries, it counts brands like Audi and BMW as it’s rival and to match that belief Jeeps are also priced thousands of dollars higher here than in the United States.

"During one of our family trips, we were fortunate enough to have discovered the 1941 model of Jeep Willys which is displayed in Khaas bagh, Jodhpur"

Jeep Compass Limited Plus Automatic in Grey Magnesio Colour. Yes, that’s the variant of my beauty. Although it was launched in 2018, I waited a year to let my infatuation turn into true love. Jeep uniquely merges practicality and grandeur - the two top features all auto enthusiasts crave in an SUV. It has an 8.4” UConnect Infotainment System giving me all controls in one single touch screen with a friendly User Interface coupled with a 7-Speed DDCT Automatic system. The Dual-Pane Panoramic Sunroof, 8-Way Power-Adjustable Driver’s Seat and 4-Way Power Lumbar System have been my saviour for the long commute every day I partake in the Delhi NCR region. It helps me reduce my neck, lower back and definitely reduces my visits to the physiotherapists helping me save a lot of money. It is not just the built but also the smart Auto Rain Sensor Wiper, Auto Headlamps and 18 Dual Tone Alloy wheels which make the ride smoother. However, the most important reason for me to buy this beauty was its safety and security features; It has more than 50 features combined with the latest technology and contemporary engineering. To elaborate, it is built with advanced chassis controls including 4 channel anti-lock brakes, Full Function Traction Control, Electronic Stability Control. The Panic Brake Assist, Hydraulic Boost Failure Compensation, Electronic Roll Mitigation along with 6 Airbags makes it one of the safest rides which you can count on in times of unfortunate events.

As you may have gauged, this car is very easy to fall in love with. All the proud Jeep owners of Delhi NCR region have formed a WhatsApp Group which consists of nothing but praises for this dynamic car. We often go on trails and long drives with the Jeep fan club members. For the ones who are not aware, let me share a fun fact - Every Jeep car has its iconic 7-slots grille because Jeep is the only vehicle to have driven across 7 continents. Naaah, I just made that up. But you would find similar rumours all around. Please do not fall for them. On a more informational note, historians say that the iconic 7 slot grille was built in order to differentiate from the 9 slot grille designed by the Ford company. Both companies were asked to conceptualise, design and manufacture a beast-like SUV in response to a call from the U.S. military for concept cars for a reconnaissance vehicle. That’s fascinating, isn’t it?

"Trailing with my Jeep is like food for the soul"

The more I researched and read about this car, the more my belief strengthened that this is a perfect family car. Its robustness makes it one of the few materialistic pleasures of my life. However hard I avoided back in 2018, I just broke my neck whenever I would see it rolling down the streets and hence I had to be a proud Jeep owner myself. I really hope the next time you spot a Jeep on the road, you would definitely be intrigued by its unique design and would remember this short narrative of my love for this car.

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