Majestic White Giraffes captured on camera for the first time

Majestic White Giraffes captured on camera for the first time: This is the first time the majestic white giraffes are captured on video. Do see for yourself!

In January 2016, the first report of a witnessing white giraffe came from Tarangire National park, Tanzania. Later in March of 2016 Ishaqbini conservancy in Garissa county, Kenya also reported seeing white giraffes, but it was still make-believe story.

This is the first time that a pair of rare white giraffes were spotted in Kenya and captured on film. Check out the video below.

The giraffes were filmed walking around the Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy in Kenya’s Garissa county. It seems so during the video, one of the giraffes appears to recognise that it is being filmed and looks directly at the camera.

The giraffes are a pair of a mother and her child; they have a rare condition known as leucism which causes white skin. The condition prevents pigmentation in skin cells and causes the skin to turn white and pale.

The first time the white giraffes were spotted by community rangers. After that, the giraffes were also reported by local villagers. This is the first time they are captured on a video though.

A majestic creature in all aspects, they should be protected and preserved.

Featured Image Source: Hirola Conservancy


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