G.L.O.W – Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling – Meet the real wrestlers

This June, Glow made huge waves on Netflix. The show is an extraordinary combination of acting, wrestling and retro 80’s theme. The lead actresses have brilliantly portrayed the wrestling personas, the characters of “Zoya” and “Liberty Belle” are very refreshing. The creators of Orange is the new black (Jenji Kohan) might have given us one more female lead show to look forward. Good writing and dark humor in between make this show a must watch this summer. As I looked at the show, I became intrigued about the real wrestlers who were on the original. Here is the list of famous fighters from first G.L.O.W which were best in what they did:

8. Mt Fiji


Emily Dole was part of the original cast of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. At 350 pounds, she dwarfed all the other members of the cast, the closest competitor being the glamazon queen.Throughout her run with the promotion, she never lost a match. Knocking her off her feet was considered a notable event in the show. Emily Dole received 23 million dollars from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as settlement for an incident involving her family beaten up by the Sheriff’s Department.

7. Susie Spirit


As you might have seen in the series, the creator of GLOW chased Betty Gilpin to participate in the show, which happened in real with Lauri Thompson where she almost walked out but G.L.O.W creator David McLane and director Matt Cimber chased her to get her working in G.L.O.W. She ends up participating in 2 seasons at G.L.O.W, but her career took off after the show. Lauri performed at Royal Variety and currently sits on the board of directors of the Nevada Ballet Theater. She is also an adjunct professor at UNLV. Also, she serves as intellectual property attorney for the local firm- Greenberg Traurig.

6. Little Egypt


Emily Dole(Mt. Fiji) introduced Angelina Altishin to G.L.O.W when she was working on selling T-shirts. She participated in 2 seasons of G.L.O.W and then retired at age 21. Altishin spent most of next 20 years selling real estate in Las Vegas. Eventually retiring to Laguna Beach, California, at age 45. Now 50, she’s an executive regional vice president for Arbonne, overseeing teams in Las Vegas, Poland, and Taiwan. Also, she is a spoke person for female wrestlers.

5. Godiva


Kate Nash plays a Brit bombshell in the series whose in-ring persona is a genius know as Britannica. In the real G.L.O.W, that role belonged to a character named Godiva played by Dawn Maestas. Her evil persona and athletic prowess made her popular, and the famous horse which accompanies her to the ring made her into a star. Presently, Dawn is an artist, a part-time sommelier, and she also works with Angelina Altishin(Little Egypt), selling Arbonne cosmetics.

4. Hollywood


In GLOW, Sydelle Noel plays an ex-stunt woman named Cherry, a loose version of Jeanne Basone’s G.L.O.W. character “Hollywood. She appeared as an on-screen character during the promotion’s all four seasons. After the cancellation of G.L.O.W in 1989, Basone continued to compete on the independent circuit as Hollywood. She appeared in several all-female wrestling promotions, including CRUSH and Hottest Ladies of Wrestling. After wrestling, she also worked in numerous television series and films as an actress and stuntwoman. She also used to do private wrestling sessions (Don’t ask us what that means).

3. Amy the farmer’s daughter


Trudy Adams made her debut as a professional wrestler in early 1987 in the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling promotion as “Amy the Farmer’s Daughter.” She only appeared during season two of the G.L.O.W television series. After leaving the promotion, she wrestled for AWA and finally retired in 1991.

2. Babe the Farmer’s Daughter


Ursula Hayden was an 18-year-old tomboy when she received the call to participate in G.L.O.W. Originally cast as the Princess of Darkness. Nonetheless, toward the end of Season 2, she was re-imagine as Babe the Farmer’s Daughter. When G.L.O.W shut down, Hayden spent time running a clothing boutique in Beverly Hills, but Hayden was never able to let the show go entirely.  Finally in 2001, after the brand has been dormant for 11 years, she bought the G.L.O.W brand and served as the consultant for the Netflix show.

1. Tina Ferrari


Lisa Moretti is better known as Ivory in WWE. She had a very successful career in wrestling. Lisa mentioned that a friend dragged her to an audition of GLOW where Lisa wrestled two seasons under the ring name Tina Ferrari. Lisa garnered more success in 90’s and early 2000’s where she was an integral part of the WWE attitude era. She currently runs a dog day care called Downtown Dog.


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