Fuller House season 3 trailer hits with nostalgia on the 30th anniversary

Fuller house is back with Season 3 and it hit all the nostalgia points.

There are few TV sitcoms which cut the bracket of all-time greats, and Full House stands there rightfully with Friends. The sequel to Full House known as “Fuller House” is in full swing over the Netflix. The new season, which kicks off on 22nd September is coming to us on the 30th anniversary of the premiere of the original Full House. D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy look back at all the changes they’ve gone through in 30 years living under one roof—and celebrating the 30-year anniversary of heartthrob Uncle Jess and funny ventriloquist Joey moving in with them to help Danny with the girls. The gang’s all back together (minus Michelle, the twins are working on their fashion brands) to celebrate the 30th anniversary.

As seen through trailer the series has come a long way with Stephanie falling in love with Kimmy’s brother and D.J. being a bridesmaid in Steve’s wedding. (We always thought that DJ and Steve are going to end up together).

Series is also taking things offshore with a Japan trip and ridiculous Kimmy Gibbler outfits. We do miss Michelle on the show.

Season 3 premieres on 22nd September. If you have not watched the Full House before this, then you are missing big time on one of the best sitcoms around. Open your Netflix right now and go for a binge watch.

Featured Image Source: Netflix


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